Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Couple days to think about things.

After time to think things over, the race autopsy (nee racetopsy) results are in. Due to my carelessness and stupidity, my bike had tires that were severely underinflated. Usually racers with brains keep extra tires, tubes, and CO2 cartidges to handle these mistakes during the race. I did not. I was too focused on the racing itself that I neglected my equipment. Therefore, I was forced to do the 58 miles at an unbelievably slow pace while being passed by nearly every rider. It was a tough pill to swallow, but I believe I will be stronger for it.

The last few days have givven me an opportunity to get more acquainted with the wonderful world of tire inflation as I have spent time inflating, deflating, and then, re-inflating my tires. I will soon be getting back on the bike and working on some technique drills that I have been neglecting as well.

As for the race itself, it would have been nice to finish. But I was nearly dead after getting off the bike. A 13 mile run after that would have been a 13 mile walk, at a very slow pace and would have taken all night. Instead, I have two months to think about what happened and make sure it does not happen again. In the meantime I will be resting for a few days and then back at it as soon as I can. Thanks for reading.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

70.3 minus 13.1 equals 57.2

Tough day today at the race. I completed the swim in 40 minutes. Right on target for the best race of my life. That's the good news. From the second I got on the bike it was a nightmare. I had trouble getting in my shoes and was messed up for a good 15 miles. Then I had trouble getting my brand new Rudy Project glasses on and they fell off never to be seen again. By the time I took my first sip of water, my water bottle fell off the bike never to be seen again as well.

Then the real fun happened. I looked down at mile 30 and notice my tire was FLAT. With no spare or pump or help in site I had two options: quit in the middle of the course or gut it out on the flat. I somehow finished the bike but was past the cutoff and didn't run. I was okay with that since riding 40 ish miles on a flat killed me.

I was mad a myself and disappointed in my performance but I was able to take some good experience and look ahead to my September race. Lessons learned - Always inflate your tires, carry spares and train to your weaknesses. I am dead right now but I will be back to follow-up in a few days. Thanks for your support and I am sorry I could not finish. To all those who donated, we'll get them in September

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Couple Days Away

Just wrapping up the final days before the race. This are going well. The short run was a little longer than I thought and I felt a little sore from it. My goal now is to prepare myself mentally for the race. I have been getting my ear together, been planning out the route, getting directions, and all the other afterthoughts so I don't have to worry about things. Tomorrow I plan to head to Lake Tapps for 4th of July BBQ with the relatives. At that time, I'll head into the water for a final swim whilst dodging all the jet skis and boats. No better time than at the last second to practice sighting in the water.

I found out the race has a couple pretty large hills. I am a little nervous but I just need to rely on my training and realize the race just represents the equivalent of a really tough training day. With that in mind, I should be in good shape. As long as I keep focused on that and not get rattled by little things, it should be a fun day. Ideally, I would like to finish the bike at about 3hrs 30 minutes and in good shape. If I can do that, I can run 13 miles at a comfortable pace with stops worked in if necessary, and I'll be ready for a final push in the last few miles. Sounds easy right? We shall see.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A Short Run

My last real workout was a long, long run last Wednesday or Thursday (I can't remember anymore). After that I realized I needed to rest my body and get myself ready for the race. Well after eventually popping all my blisters, getting a pair of shoes that fit, doing actual work, and going out of town for a wedding; I was ready to get a few light workouts in. The days off were good because they let me cool down and rest myself in preparation for the race. But today it was back at it for the final push.

I got back on the road because I wanted to reconnect with what it feels like to be running up and down hills in the hot sun. I did about 5-6 miles near my house and up and down some nice hills. The new shoes feel great although I re-blistered a certain tender area. I ran very well though and am very excited with my progress. If only the race was a 10K I would be all set. Alas it's not, but I am not worried. Tomorrow I get on the bike for a few miles, rest on Thursday, Swim a bit on Friday with a warm-down run and then I prepare for the race.

The mental preparation is the most challenging because I need to overcome all my thoughts of self-doubt and everything. I find myself always second-guessing and whatiffing instead of shutting up and racing. I'm never happy its over, I am most happy when the wait is over and I am "doing it." Back tomorrow with my bike post.