Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tired but making progress

There are times when I think I am ready for the race. That is usually followed by an overwhelming reality check that I am NOT EVEN CLOSE to be ready for my race.....But I am making progress.

On Sunday, I decided to stop making excuses already and get out on the bike. On the road. Before, there was always an excuse. "It's too cold." "It's raining." "I need new wheels so I don't have to waste time changing around tires." "I have too much work." These were all excuses used by me within the last month. Finally I went to the Foothills trail for the first time. I almost died. There is no possible way to properly train for a race as well as being on the road or in the lake. I only made it a few feet before I nearly panicked. First, I barely got on the bike (my seat is so high I have to literally jump on the saddle). Second, I couldn't get my feet in the shoes for a good mile or so. Third, when I did get my feet set, I could not reach down and adjust anything because I was so uneasy on the bike. This was a real wakeup call. I thought my time on the trainer was sufficient. It wasn't by a longshot. Just like during my boxing days, the only way to train properly is trial by fire.

After that setback, I vowed to get on the bike as often as possible until the race. So I was on it for 10 miles on Monday and 15 miles today. I desperately need to get as much roadwork done as I can (at least on the bike before the race).

My fitness is improving gradually. I have been doing my swim workouts to the note. With that out of the way, my next goal is to focus on hitting the cycling goals (on the road this time). I really am not sure how much running I will be able to do before the race time. But now, as I write this, I will make an effort to at least run a little before the race. My lack of running was a detriment back in 2006 so I know I have to get out there.

Until next time...

Friday, April 25, 2008

Big week so far

First off, we have the baby, which puts the training in a tailspin. Then everyone gets sick for about four weeks. Finally work intervened keeping me really busy.

But I'm back this week with a vengeance. I had snuck a couple rides in along the way. Tuesday I got in the pool for the first time since early March and went roughly 1200 yards. It was a short workout but I felt really good. The swimming tires me out like crazy. Wednesday I went out to the garage and spent an hour and a half on the trainer. Finally on Thursday, I did the entire 3100 yd. swim workout which equals roughly 1 and 3/4 miles. That is a little over the race distance so I am in shape for the swim portion of the tri.

Today or tomorrow I am going to head outside on my new $600 racing wheels. First time outside in a couple years I'm very nervous but it is supposedly a long path. I'm psyched.