Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tuesday Triathlon

I woke up at the gawdawful hour of 4:30 and joined my gym's triathlon training group for our weekly session. Its a great idea. We start off at 5:45 and swim for a half hour, then quickly head to the spin room for a half hour, and then run outside for roughly a half hour. The timing is always a little off, but it works out to a decent swim (especially if you get there early and warm-up). A brief, but effective bike. And finally a very good run of about 3-4 miles.

Today was much the same. These workout are the next best thing to actually doing a sprint race because it gives you the feel of what it is like to work all three muscle group in succession. The best part about it is the run since it has always been the portion I give the least attention to. So far in my racing experience I have had horrible runs. It is usually because I am under-trained for the bike and then basically dead when I run. This workout is going to be great for helping remedy that.

Very tired now but fired up. A little update on my shoulder: I still feel the pain a bit but I spent a good ten minutes before my workout warming up with weights and felt very little pain in the water. I will rest it for the rest of the week and see how it feels next week. Perhaps a little ice as well.

Song in my head: "Ridin' the Storm Out" REO Speedwagon http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y6F5xm0QooE

Monday, February 25, 2008

Back in the Saddle Again

Greetings bloggees. My last post referred to me resting my shoulder. Well, the injury, the ensuing holidays, turned me into a fat mess in very short time. Basically I fell awkwardly playing hockey and did something to my shoulder muscle. After a couple x-rays and some time on the couch, I eased back into things in early January and February. I still could not swim; as every time I got into the pool, I immediately felt the familiar pain. So I started focusing on light weights and lots of shoulder movements and began training the other two disciplines, by far my least favorite.

So now I am back. Last week I spent Tuesday doing all three with a group at the gym. Thursday was weights and running. This week should be more of the same.

I learned some good lessons from the experience. I was following a workout program a little too strenuously and not allowing enough time in between for rest. I'm not out there to win the race, I am out there to compete in it. I feel like my body was telling me to slow down, give yourself an off-season to recharge, and get back at it. Last week's pool workout was pretty easy even though I was out of it since Dec 1. Plus the running and cycling have caught up so I am in good position to move forward. I also learned to try to give myself plenty of rest. I never really though of myself as over-training. But, I would feel really bad if I missed a workout Now, if I need an extra day for rest or I need to focus on work for the whole day I will take it and re-charge myself for the next day.

I am in a much more confident place with my training now than I was last fall and I am totally excited for this year.

So tomorrow I will get in the pool at a nice easy pace, do my cycling and then its off for a run. I can't wait. As long as I can get up at 5AM. Pray for me.

Song in My Head: "Lazy Eye" Silversun Pickups http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LjXwbmjumAg